Children Care Homes was built in 1994 on 23 December.

In 1995 years at the beginning were populated first settlers. During 17 years history of the institution child care was established to 148 children.
At the beginning of 2011 lived 37 children from 1 to 18 years. 27 children attending secondary school Barstyčiai, 4 children educated in special schools in Mažeikiai, 2 – in Skuodas kindergarten „Sun“ spec. group. One young man learns in Radviliškis Rehabilitation Vocational Training Center, one girl wants to acquire a profession in Plunge School of Business and Technology.

14 children have mental health and mental disorders, 5 – have a disability.

Since 2009 November Barstyčiai child care home family business was reorganized of basis. Children living in families according to three age groups.

Children living in foster family have the opportunity to self-cooking, washing clothes and to compare, other individual activities in a nurturing independent living skills.